New Bern York Rite Spring Reunion 2009
The Class ready for the Work.
The Man who kept us
going from behind the
scenes. And of course
Dale, but he took all
the pictures.
The Mark Master Degree Team
Most Excellent Master, from the East.
The Royal Arch Degree.
That's Hiram Abif in the Royal Master Degree.
What could he possibly be looking at down there?
Fred's Cherubs never flew sooo high.
Our Select Masters                                                                 and their Select Craftsmen.
The Red Cross Degree
Big John holding down the South.
Lets get this thing going.
Ready for my candidate.
OK, OK Steve next year
we break out the Ritalin.
A fantastic day for York Rite Masonry concluded by
the Knighting of Fourteen new Sir Knights by none
other than the Right Emminent Grand Commander
of North Carolina himself. Job well done Sir Knights.
Ain't they just a happy bunch.
After that performance,
You had it coming Steve.
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